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Let’s get Shrill.

Combining arts, activism, and philanthropy. Angela is a new member of the Shrill Collective.

Giving women and non-binary artists an elevated platform to share their unique artistic perspective and experiences, transforming a pipeline that has traditionally favored cis male storytelling.

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Inside the Devising Process:


Get a behind the scenes look at a devised adaptation of Three Sisters was created.

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Creative Freedom - Vieve Radha Price

What conditions must exist to be creatively free? Insight Artist & Managing Member Vieve has a conversation with workshop participant Angela about what allows her to have an "unapologetic flow of ideas."


A.R.T./NY Creative Space Grant - Recipient

Shellscrape Theatre Company was awarded an A.R.T./NY Creative Space Grant towards the development of their production ONE / TWO / THREE directed and adapted by Angela Wheeler.